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Diwali - Light Up Your Life

Every year I look forward to spreading some Diwali cheer in my classes. This 3-5 day festival is celebrated by Jains, Sikhs and Hindus and this year falls on Wednesday 7th November, our next New Moon.

Simply put, this is a time to celebrate light triumphing over dark - wisdom, hope and goodness prevailing over evil, ignorance and despair. In Hinduism this is to mark the return from exile of Lord Rama (from the tale of Ramayana) and to welcome Lakshmi, the Goddess of happiness, wealth and good fortune - prosperity and abundance. It also marks the end of the Indian harvest season, and brings light to the darkest days.

In order to prepare for the arrival of Lakshmi it is vital to clean, decorate and prepare your house - she only enters clean homes! (This may explain why I have enjoyed a good hoover up and willingly cleaned out the fireplace this afternoon!)

It is also a time to buy new clothes, prepare sweet treats and light up your doorways.

In classes this week we will be exploring ways to feel and embrace our own lightness - Yoga to lighten up and cleanse.

We shall be using purifying breathing practice such as Bhastrika, the bellows breath and Trataka - candle gazing, as well as moving slowly through twists and spinal lengthening.

Whilst the days are looking grey and gloomy and the nights are definitely getting longer how can you introduce a little more light and warmth? It's never too early to hang up the fairy lights!

Look out on my Facebook page on Wednesday for my light filled meditation, or get in touch for a video link.

Light up your life...lift the veil and see the bright light within.

Happy Diwali - Namaste xx

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