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The Unsure Yogi!

So, it's taken several months of intention to reach this point...my first blog post!

I call myself unsure. This is not the only word I use to describe myself - hesitant, honest, overwhelmed, terrified! I realise not all of these are the most positive states of mind when embracing change ( or simply attempting to catch up with my peers in this digital age). But maybe this is what I have to offer. Maybe some of you out there can relate to the candid ramblings of an unlikely yoga teacher and massage therapist.

I have always felt like a fish out of water in this so-called wellness industry. In my early days of attending yoga workshops and training courses I was always the youngest, the one with the random hair colours and most colourful trousers and mat. Many years on I find myself still rocking the same (now) old fashioned threads in a yoga world over exposed with high-end clothing lines and celebrity teachers. The once stereo-typical image of a bunch of leotard-clad ladies 'om'ing in their local church hall has been replaced with Instagram photos shot in exotic locations...of what can only be described as exotic body positions!

This world where we seek and promote stillness is all moving on way too fast for me! Do I allow myself to feel left behind? Should I don some skimpy lycra and explode on to the scene with a unique and captivating marketing campaign? Or shall I just tick along at my own pace, reaching those of you who have no particular desire to stand on your head and be photographed at every twist and stretch?

And this is where I identify with Patanjali (a wise Indian sage who devised a set of "rules' to live by around the 2nd or 3rd Century BC).

The fourth and last of his 'Yama's', or codes of conduct is Aparigrapha (just to show off and baffle you with the correct Sanskrit title). This translates as Non-Greed, and is a difficult concept to grasp when we live in a society filled with these social media images, advertisements and heavy expectations of how we should look and feel. We do not only have a taste for materialist gain - a better car, those limited edition printed yoga leggings but we desire a better way of thinking, of being. Way back then Patanjali spoke of an unhealthy hunger for spiritual powers and enlightenment. We are still all after the same.

So this is a tricky task for me - I guess it all starts with a yoga teachers most-used word, 'acceptance'. My advise to myself, and to you all is to be happy with who you are, with what you have...with where you are going. I'm hoping the rest will fall in to place!

Thank you for sticking with me so far...I look forward to sharing further thoughts as well as my favourite yoga and lifestyle tips.


Lou xx

#hathayoga #yoga #yogateacher #patanjali #acceptance

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